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Title: Forum Updates and Improvements!
Post by: Phoebe Jordan on April 17, 2008, 08:10:39 am
I've updated and improved the RRW Forum ;D! I've changed the smiles, I've added a new tab on the top of the Forum page, which I will be updating with more links in the following weeks. I've added a Spell Checker and so at the bottom of the text box there is a check box that says "Spell Check as I type" and it will highlight in yellow and spelling mistakes. I've added the spoiler option but it is not a button that you can press you will have to do it manually by using these BBC codes [ spoiler ] YOUR TEST HERE [ /spoiler ] but without the spaces and here is what it's going to look like:

[spoiler]This is a spoiler option and you may use it when it's appropriate.[/spoiler]

I've also added a Whisper Tag that will show only to A specified User. Just place [ whisper= USERNAME ] TEXT [ /whisper ] in a post and it will only show to the User you put for the USERNAME.  There will be a link in the Post for the User that will look like this:

(Show/Hide Whisper For USERNAME)

USERNAME = The User that will see the Whisper.  Only he/she may see it too.
TEXT = the Text for the User to see.

Here is a test which I will be posting a whisper tag for members of the board

[whisper=Kat]Hello Kat[/whisper]
[whisper=Kelley Nyrae]Hello Kelley Nyrae[/whisper]
[whisper=Mountie]Hello Mountie[/whisper]
[whisper=Shadow Angel]Hello Shadow Angel[/whisper]
[whisper=Shanghi]Hello Shanghi[/whisper]
[whisper=stormsandsins]Hello Stormsandsins[/whisper]
[whisper=veronicawolff]Hello Veronica Wolff[/whisper]
[whisper=wendy_ely]Hello Wendy Ely[/whisper]

I've also added a music player in the Music Room and I've added a Live Chat Room which you can get to by pressing the tab at the top of the forum. I've added a Contacts Page for Guests and Members to contact me about any problems or comments they would like me to know about and the tab is in between the log in and register button for the guests and in between the log out and members tab for the members. I've added color to the posts of the Admin, MODs and the MVP group, you will notice it because it's an obvious change. I may be adding more to the forum and testing them out. So please leave your comments on the updates and improvements here so I know who likes them and who doesn't. Thanks.