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Title: Movie Room FAQs
Post by: Phoebe Jordan on April 05, 2008, 08:57:16 am
What kind of information can be posted here?
Specific discussion about movies you've seen, spoilers prohibited. You talk about a new movie in the Spoiler Room (,54.0.html) for the first 3 months that the new show comes out and then those posts will be moved back here. Come here after you've seen a movie, not before. Use the format below to title your post, then make your recommendation or comments in the body of the post. Before you start a new thread, please check for earlier threads on that show. If thereís already a thread on that program, post your comments there. 

What format do I use to title my discussion?
Title and genre. For example:
Romancing the Stone (Romantic Adventure)
Itís OK if you donít know the genre Ė but be sure to use the show title.

What kind of things can I talk about in my post?
It's OK to talk about plot details, for instance, and itís OK to talk about differences in adaptationsófor example, if a show was produced in both the UK and the US, itís OK to discuss how they differ. Post a description of the TV show and the characters and maybe a picture of the characters too.

Just make sure you stay on topic. Story comes in a wide variety of forms, not just novels, so this area is for in-depth discussion of the stories told through television shows.

Do I have to talk about a particular show?  What if I just want to talk about a particular kind of show?
Shorten the heading to "Romantic Comedy" or "Looking for Good Time Travels."